World Wildlife Federation of Justice


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The World Wildlife Federation of Justice is a fictional setting of anthropomorphic animal superheroes & villains created by me, Toren Atkinson. It’s primarily a comic book but is so much more!


Here’s the cover art the WWFJ supplements for the popular superhero roleplaying game Mutants & Masterminds. Currently being written and illustrated by me, Toren Atkinson, it will be published through the Superlink license by Atomic Overmind Press.

Convention sketch of Rhinosferatu and Hellboy by Mike Mignola


2006: I ran a roleplaying campaign using the WWFJ setting, using a mashup of the Mutants & Masterminds and Spaceship Zero game rules (both published by Green Ronin Publishing) (Chris Stewart came up with the name for the World Wildlife Federation of Justice.)

2008: “The Ominous Origin of Rhinosferatu” was published in a graphic novel anthology called “Cloudscape Collective: Historyonics” which you can purchase off of me or my eBay store. Click on this link to see a sample:


woodcock-sample12009: (April) “Mid-Afternoon of the Living Dead” featuring Go-Rilla and Elk Diablo was published in the Cloudscape Comics’ “Funday Sunnies” book. UPDATE: You can now read the entire story at

2011: A WWFJ supplement is published by Atomic Overmind Press for the award

"The Hypopotamus Oath" (Hypnopotamus vs Awesome Possum). Click to embiggen.
"The Hypopotamus Oath" (Hypnopotamus vs Awesome Possum). Click to embiggen.

winning roleplaying game Mutants & Masterminds.
Also, ten unique trading cards are created for the Chicagoland Entertainment Expo. Click HERE to see the entire set, featuring BABOOM! Go-Rilla, Hypnopotamus, Haardvark, Shockatiel, Salamancer, Tarmadillo and more.

The WWFJ Comic Fundraiser exceeds it’s target! A call is put out for donations to fund the production of a 9-page story penned by Bongo Comics writer Ian “Futurama” Boothby. This comic will be released in part for free online and is slated for 2012 release. (Even though the goal is reached, you can still donate to the project and get an original colour sketch of the WWFJ character of your choosing! Details at

Octopussycat (click to embiggen)

BABOOM! (click to embiggen)
Hypnopotamus (click to embiggen)



Here is a very rough “who’s who” (including rough drawings) of the WWFJ

Astromandrill – a member of the world’s premiere superhero team – the WWFJ


New sketch : 



Dupligator, the Multiple Alligator.


Pandroid: Modelled slighty off of WB’s Junior Bear.

Stewie’s favourite (and the love child of Grape Ape and Magilla), Go-Rilla. He was part of the player character group who was striving to gain the notice of the WWFJ.



click to embiggen
click to embiggen

Cold Cock (villain, member of the Flock of Evil)


The WWFJ’s strong man, Porcules. Note the beard.


Hypnopotamus: A foul villain.

Why do so many of these guys have the stiff cowls? Don’t ask the ubiquitous Rhinosferatu:


He’s evil!


Earthquack – a villain – needs a new, less Daffy-ish drawing but this is what I’ve got so far.

Originally I pictured Octopussycat as sort of a Batman character. She was a gadget girl, but everything was octopus-themed. Now she strikes me more as a gal with octopus powers…camouflage, ink, sticky suction. I guess mostly I just liked the name.



(new version of Octopussycat)

Here’s one of the WWFJ’s founders, the Llamazon(ian).


Move over Gleek, Blip and Abu, here’s the WWFJ’s answer to Aquaman–Sea Monkey! Are those fins still there when he takes his costume off? I don’t know! I don’t wanna know!


What if you took Tex Avery’s big bad wolf (you know, the one from Red Hot Riding Hood) and mixed him with Wile E. Coyote and gave him a super suit? Why, you’d get Crackerjackal of course.


But is he a good guy or a bad guy? Hard to tell with that moustache. Here’s a later revision:


Woe betide the fool who crosses the infernal deviant, Elk Diablo (as seen battling Go-Rilla in the comic book Funday Sunnies by Cloudscape Comics Collective)


elk diablo

and his incompetent sidekick, Hellhound!


Here’s a little guy who is also destined to stay in the Sidekick Lounge, Bugbear. Note the dial on his belt that he uses for…something.


Here by special request is Shaolin Monkey (you can’t really see the shaved head but I did make a point of not adding hair). In the newer version Shaolin Monkey is now a lady!ironmonkey.jpg

The Great Wolverini – Master of the Mystic Skills. Note the moustache and arcane eyebrows. Also a senior member of the WWFJ.




I was gonna give him big thick glasses, like every cartoon mole must have, but then I thought goggles were cooler, and the antenna, gizmo belt and backpack followed naturally.

Evil arch-nemesis of The Great Wolverini, the ruthless Salamancer:


There’s something so right about funny animal supers getting the Kirby treatment. In hindsight I should have added some extravagant technodoodle to the tip of his tail just to busy it up that one notch further.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t draw guns. Oh well, here’s The Toad Warrior:


Beware the diamond claws of Haardvark:


Tasmanian Daredevil:


Or, what if Tasmanian Daredevil was a woman?


Here’s Elephantom. I don’t know why I coloured in bits of him, he should be transparent. Too much like Gentleman Ghost? I think so. I’ll give him another pass later on.


Ok let’s try this one:


Here’s the evil mastermind, Dark Horse:


And the terror of tiny toon, Micronewt:


I don’t know what the deal is with the tuning forks, I just thought they looked cool.

What happens when Sylvester gets abducted by the Master Control Program? You get Datalynx.


I really enjoy Cardinal Sin, though I think his outfit needs work. Or maybe less work.


and the new version: cardinal-sin

Thanks to Kerry for this one – Orangutangler:


And this one – Baboom!


The Wooly Marmot. Not to scale. (He’s huge!)woolymarmot.jpg


Red Rover: