Week in Review

The one week long train trip of no-junk food went along pretty smoothly. There were a couple of pennies on the track but no derailments. Of course Kelly’s D&D session chocolates never count. I celebrated my victory over sugar and fat today by having a small banana strawberry licorice blizzard and then I felt sick. Not only that but it did nothing to alleviate the heat. My next train trip will be 2 weeks long, and I believe it will start now.

Last weekend I went into Chilliwack with Marlo and we hung out with the Woodses. Marlo had a birthday brunch at the Airport Cafe and I had no-sugar added blackberry pie and it was tasty on my pastie. We took a dunk in their new pool, played some 4-way Godzilla on the X-Box and went to a garage sale. Probably other stuff too.

This week has been mostly filled with painting zombies, but I also got in some tennis with Stephane. Oh and I saw Yvonne as well! That was exciting. I wanted to go see Rodin but no time. No time.

I saw most of Troy and it stunk, although the fight scene with the spears was pretty innovative.
I saw The Big Sleep and it was good. (Here’s a test, what movie replaced it on the “movies to see” sideboard of this blog?)
I saw something else and I don’t remember.

Oh and I just got a hair cut – shaved really but not to the scalp. With a little rogue blonde bit sticking out at the front. And Marlo painted my nails.

Back in the Game

I played tennis with Stephane today. I think it’s been about a year since I’ve picked up that racket. Since they tore down the tennis court right by my place I’ve been bitter and forlorn, but recently on my bike rides I’ve seen that the court at Heather & 18th hasn’t been as busy as I thought it would be, so I scheduled a game with Stephane. I’m pretty rusty, but I started to get some of the old moves (“supersmash!”) back towards the end. We played two regular matches and one short match – Stephane won, and it was very hot.

Today is my first day of a week long no-junk-food diet. I knew I was eating too much junk food, but I decided to go cold turkey for a week after I bought three large bags of Lays from Sunshine Market because they were on sale, and ate all three bags within the span of 20 hours. Actually the diet started last evening right after I finished the third bag. So far it’s been going fine, except that Stephane & Sheri wanted to go out for crepes after the match. I figured I’d get a healthy crepe. I asked for a cream cheese crepe because that was the cheapest of the savouries, but they didn’t have cream cheese, so I got a honey and coconut one. Not bad, I thought, but then when it came, it had a scoop of ice cream with it. I tried to give away the whole scoop but Stephane would only take half.

Then I went grocery shopping with Marlo at Safeway (the grapes are $1 cheaper at ‘shines) and with the exception of some white bread (they didn’t have brown in that price bracket) I did pretty well.

And that was a really boring entry. Oh but then I ran over a puppy on my bike and it’s brains splattered into my mouth and it made me crash into Patrick Stewart who was wearing nothing but a housecoat.


Today Stephane and I went to play basketball but we were the only two who showed. We played 21. Then we found two pylons and set them up on the court, and tried to get balls to bounce as little as possible off rebound shots and land in between the pylongs. Then we made up a game where we kicked the pylons towards the place we found them and tried to get them there with as few kicks as possible – like golf with pylons. We called it gylon. We tied at that game, every other game we played I lost. But I got sweaty so that was good.

In Greece, New York, Bush discussed his plan for Social Security. “You got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in,” he explained, “to kind of catapult the propaganda.”

NASA planned to put a laser in orbit around the moon.

Three hundred thousand residents of Beijing have been moved out of their homes to make room for the 2008 Olympics; some of those who protested the evictions have been jailed.

In North Carolina a man was released from prison after serving thirty-five years of his life sentence for stealing a $140 TV set, and in Waxahachie, Texas, the high school student yearbook neglected to include a girl’s name in a photo caption, referring to her instead as “Black Girl.”

A road crew in San Jose, California, dug a fresh 10-by-15-foot pothole so that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger could be photographed filling it.

The nine members of Thailand’s anti-corruption commission were found guilty of corruption.

The Summer of 2005.

Well summer is here, and I’m getting friction rashes in hard to reach places from working at the warehouse. The sunny days are way too hot. After work today I just wanted to crawl into a hole…a cool hole…but I had D&D to get ready for.

I am on a new diet. On this new diet I am cutting down on carbs, fat, and most importantly, sugar. The special terms of the diet is that I can eat all the junk food I want as long as I don’t buy it. So far this week has been pretty good as one of the guys at work had a kid and brought in a bunch of Indian sweets, and the next day we had a company BBQ involving donuts, chips, ice cream, pop, and hot dogs. Then tonight Kelly brought her chocolates as usual.

I’ve been having lots of weird dreams lately. Dreams about being an invisible Caesar, dreams about killing a hoodlum who stabbed my brother, dreams about giant dandruff flakes and sex with girls at work, and annoying dreams involving my parents. I haven’t been sleeping well lately, either, and I got in shit for being late for work yesterday. Sometimes I wish I were fired but I know that’s unwise.

But the good news is that I’ve been seeing lots of movies lately and tomorrow I’m seeing Serenity, which I’m pretty sure will be awesome, if it’s even only one step up from the series.

Also Geisel will be running a D&D session next week in which I get to play for a change (instead of DMing), and I’m really looking forward to it. After that we might play some Call of Cthulhu, and I’ll also be adapting a CoC adventure to the SSZ mod, which Stewie calls “E.I.” and is kind of a Kolchack meets Ghostbusters meets Buffy meets X-Files meets…I don’t know what.

Oh he flies through the air with the greatest disease

Marlo read to me some thing about cats with separation anxiety and behaviour problems just need a cat buddy. And to think when Stewie asked about bringing a kitten into our home I didn’t think it was a good idea.

I had dinner with Marmar last night at Cipriano’s, which is a really good pasta restaurant on main. It was expensive, but you basically get two meals worth. It reminded me of an article on watching your weight that informed that your body takes a while to tell you that you’re full, and that if you stop eating before you’re actually finished your big meal, you’ll find that you’re already finished your big meal. It suggested that when you go to a restaurant, ask the waiter to put half of the order in a takeaway before you even get the meal. I don’t think I would ever do that, but it’s a good idea.

The Hair on the Mole of the Chosen One

On the 19th I had a mole removed. It was right underneath my nipple. There are something like ‘the five deadly signs of moledom’ that you have to look out for. If a mole changes shape, if it’s an irregular shape, if it’s raised, if it has dark spots in it, if it’s a new mole…stuff like that. This one was new and it had dark spots, so I went to the doctor. He said “better safe than sorry” so he laid me down on the table, poked me with a needle, cut the thing out and sewed me up. Three stitches. I took it as the perfect opportunity to bail out of work last week and try to catch up on my artwork, which was overdue. When the art director initially asked me how many pages of work I wanted for the book (The Divine Quarter) – I said three pages, and that was foolish, as it turned out to be pretty unreasonable given the fact that I’m already late on another art project – (very late…as late as I’ve ever been) and I’ve still got writing to do. Anyway, Stan! was very good about the whole thing and gave me an extension, so for the first chunk of last week I managed to knock off three drawings a day, which is unheard of. Normally I do my originals at 115%-133% (sometimes larger) so that when they get shrunk down in the book they look better, but these ones were mostly 100%-115%. Still, they generally turned out fine. The company doesn’t pay quite as much as I’m used to from the other larger companies I work for, but they’re books are so well put together that I just like to do art in them so I can get contributor copies. I used Thieves Quarter book for my current campaign and it was incredibly useful. What other D&D product has maps of the sewer system under the city? Great stuff. Anyway, come mid-week it turns out that I didn’t have to run myself ragged on the art, as an editing hiccup gave me yet another 5 days leeway, so I was joyously afforded some leisure time this weekend, which I’ll tell you about, Shortly.

Becoming a master martial artist, one free trial class at a time.

A free class of Wing Tsun Kung Fu happened on Wednesday and my shoulders are still sore from it. The sifu Ralph Haenel was a funny and a good teacher, but did he have to punch me in the chest so hard? It still hurts.

We (Marlo and I) are going to try out a different free class of Kung Fu, Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu downtown. Anyone who wants to join us is welcome, we just have to pick which Tuesday we’re going to go. Unlike the Wing Tsun, which went from 7-10 (10:45 if you count watching people getting their certificates, and I do count it, with no small amount of dismay), the Praying Mantis free trial lesson only goes from 7pm to 8pm, though we are welcome to stay past 8 and just watch the rest of the regulars do their thing. So if you’re interested, let us know! John Funk, the instructor, has asked that we call ahead to let him know that we’re coming on a given night so that he doesn’t have too many people in the class, which was a a small problem at Wing Tsun during certain parts of the lesson.

Tennis Fu

James had me down four games – 5-1, but then I came back to win 7-5. It was quite sweatenating!

Tell me why? I don't like mondays

I played tennis for over two hours today. And my shoes are falling apart. And I’m still working on The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. I’m not going swimming tonight. I need to work work work.


Tonight I went swimming at a pool near Marlo’s house – with Marlo. It was a new experience for both of us. It’s $4.40 between 7 and 9. Adult swim in Coquitlam was $2 but it cost me $2 to get out there so it’s only forty cents more. Trouble was it was pretty crowded – and at 8pm we got kicked out of our side pool to make room for the lousy aquafitters. The instructor’s voice was incredibly shrill and when Marlo and I were discussing the idea of signing up to audit the course (for shits and giggles) I thought that would be the biggest hurdle. It was fun to watch her dancing around like an idiot though. We kept bumping into and kicking other people, it was so crowded. Once my hand came up out of the water and hit the hand of a girl in the other lane coming from the opposite direction. I thought it was romantic, but Marlo compared it more to a high-five. There was a whirlpool room but it was closed off with a sign that read – DANGER – CLOSED FOR SUPERCHLORINATION.

Afterwards we went to get something to eat at a sushi place on main and for 4 bucks I had the yummiest sushi I’ve ever had. It was yam with a bit of cream cheese on top and the whole 8 pieces were covered in crispy potatoe shavings – like a bird’s nest. With the wasabi I could hardly taste the seaweed. Cheap and delicious. Then I biked home – and here I am! I have another story to tell you but it will have to wait until Chris takes a digital pic.