Comics 2 Film

Despite Frank Miller being a misogynist and general creep I really like the Hard Boiled comic that came out a couple decades ago.

It was drawn by Geof Darrow who as you may know did a lot of production design for the Matrix, specifically the insecto-squidly-robots. The scene where the bullet shells were clattering to the ground was also pure Darrow, as anyone who has read Hard Boiled knows.

Now there are rumours – only rumours mind you – that there may be a Miller-directed film adaptation. [read about it on]

In other comic-related film rumours: Conan-spinoff Thulsa Doom;  Elfquest; Doctor Strange; Namor the Sub-Mariner; Magneto; Thor; Captain America; Tintin; Spidey 4; Luke Cage; Green Lantern; Jonah Hex