Pathfinder (Now With More Accuracy)

This Pathfinder movie (link) looks kind of interesting. Kind of Frazetta-ish in style, though I am getting pretty sick of movies dressing up history to make it more “cool.” Case in point Frank Miller’s 300. One of the things that makes real history (and modern times) so interesting is that you can’t tell who the bad guys are just by looking at them. Dressing the vikings up in black skulls doesn’t really make them evil, just more 2-dimensional. It would be more interesting if I could see their faces. Cuz…you know…they weren’t robots.

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  1. Day Watch is the Sequel to Night Watch and isn’t some much about history, but a battle between Light/Dark, Good/Evil is Moscow. Based a four book series (I have the first two) and so the visuals are more in tune with that concept as opposed to a historical frame. If you haven’t seen Night Watch, I have the DVD.

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