The Dove "Evolution" foundation makeup billboard commercial

Have you seen this video already? Of course we all know this is how the “beauty” industry works, but it’s another timely reminder.

Of course everyone’s “standards” are different and I take some satisfaction in the fact that I am practically immune to the status quo “targeting strategies” of most marketing. I don’t like makeup. I don’t like big hair and high heels and short skirts. I think anything specifically designed to be sexy has the exact opposite effect. Lingerie is so unsexy as to be a joke to me. Tattoos and piercings are silly. Give me a gal with natural hair in cargo pants and a t-shirt and I’m happy. Low maintenance and the morning face is the same as the rest of the day face!
And on a related note, I don’t like cars or babies.

I do like fluffy kittens though. Damn those Royale bathroom tissue marketing gurus!!!

6 Replies to “The Dove "Evolution" foundation makeup billboard commercial”

  1. I wouldn’t be too quick to state that you’re totally immune. Do you reply to every girl that sends you a message on dating sites? Do you ignore the profiles without photos? And if they have photos, do you pick and choose based on their looks? Probably you do. Many of us do. And where do you think many of these ideals on looks came from? Where were they initially engendered?

    I’m sure you’re immune to certain types of images as presented by marketing media, but I don’t think you’re totally immune. Gals “with natural hair in cargo pants and a t-shirt” are marketed as well as a specific type of image, especially around here.

  2. Sorry … you said “practically immune” not “totally immune”. But still, you’re assuming that you’re almost entirely immune. I think marketing enters our sub-conscious a lot more than many of us would like to admit.

  3. My point is that find the “sexy” people plastered on most billboards, magazine ads and commercials to be gaudy and laughable.

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